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NERArashi <3 XD
26 July 2010 @ 01:11 am

Haha! this pv is so so so so cute ! the song itself is making me kept on replaying this vid XD

its all 'thanks' to Arashi haha! Just watched the HNA epi which Perfume as the guest!

man, seriously, their dance collab is CHO KAWAII it made me laughed like crazy! Totally hilarious !!!! XD XD XD **cant stop laughing**

the dance is total cuteness!
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NERArashi <3 XD
26 July 2010 @ 12:17 am
Hello friends~! :D

i know that i didnt post any interesting post huhu too bad i cant sub or translate japanese huhu so you girls wouldnt even noticed im missing haha

but,  its been weekssss since i got the chance to online using my laptop. before i only get to surf by phone thats why i was not able to comment on your post ! really really sorry!

But i just want you girls to know that i actually read ALL of your post! Really! Cause it makes me happy :D So now im back, dont be surprised when you are spammed with comments~ <3 hehe :D ^^

really really sorry esp to those who i didnt get to wish happy birthday ** embarrassed ** ! i will PM u girls by tomorrow =)

TO BE FREE is such a beautiful song i love it so much !

ps: i managed to preorder the latest Arashi LE album! ^^ so grateful and cant wait for it!  but im a lil bit disappointed with the cover , oh well~

another ps: have u visit OOKU website?? The music played are awesome! Really! Love it so much! i actually read the manga and i have so many things bout it to share but i guess next time~! =)
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NERArashi <3 XD

its one of the most important day in my life, JUNE17 XD


Wow, WHY on earth when its the birthday of my first love, i just couldn’t find the words to express, or post anything?? =.=’ i went blank and go “ uhhhh” , WHYYYY !? speechless much, DOUSHTEEE? Nande?? ,

But i have to say im disappointed with this post because i just couldn’t find the words to write something amazing and special for him damnnnn it. Seriously im mad at myself. T_T like crazy. I just type whatever flowed in my head now huhuhuhu! Ah, really really sorry for the grammatical error T_T to lazy to recheck

Honestly, i gave up trying to express my love for him in the form of writing. I just cant!!!


Do u know, that he is the idol/artist/guy-celebrity i ever fell in love for the very first time XD **blushhinggg** ?



This 17 forever guy , my first love. The hottest+cutest idol, singer, actor, magician, host, gamer, composer, brat who is the factor and reason on how i get to know the greatest group in my life, Arashi.


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NERArashi <3 XD
10 May 2010 @ 02:01 am
Dear friends =)

I finally got the chance to update, its been a while since i log in my LJ ^^

been very busy with my upcoming bro's wedding >.<

Will definitely reply asap all your comments, and wish some of you a very happy birthday, wait for it ~ =)

Thankssss and really really sorry~ ^^

and here i bring a vid i just made a few minutes ago on how i first discover Arashi =)

Do watch if u have 0.35 seconds to spare ~ XD


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NERArashi <3 XD
12 April 2010 @ 05:23 am


A-kun X Mei <3 <3 <3

Mizobata Junpei has officially won my heart, <3

Minamisawa Nao is kinda cute, her " Mei" potrayal is really good, one of my fav chara. and im really picky with female lead XD

im freaking sleepy and exhausted.

but i just really need to post those few lines... XD

just finished watching


LOVE IT, seriously, Akai Ito pwns Koizora.

This is a really really good drama, really! totally will win your heart <3

Akai ito> Koizora FTW!

Will probably post a review bout this next ^^

ahh, the pic with the red cup is the CM of Pocky. LOVE the CM so much much much <3 SO damn cute <3

here, :D

ok , off to bed Zzzzzzzz >.<

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NERArashi <3 XD
07 April 2010 @ 07:44 pm

RankKAT-TUN Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

Akameeeee <3

Junno <3

Huhu, kattun & all its drama, it made me a bit sad. Why Jinjijn WHY. Oh well, i just hope Arashi stays strong, foreverrrr

just tried this for fun and its accurately fun XD

Try it girls XD


You can try it on other JE-groups too =)

Didnt have the heart to try this for Arashi, NEVERRRRR, it just breaks my heart to rank them >.< emoooo XD

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NERArashi <3 XD
07 April 2010 @ 04:35 pm
5x10 dvd is

Ready to be shippedYour ordered items will be shipped soon.

**faints again and again**
NERArashi <3 XD
07 April 2010 @ 03:41 pm


Now, its in

Ready and In-stockYour ordered item is ready and in-stock. It will be shipped out as soon as possible.


NERArashi <3 XD
07 April 2010 @ 03:22 pm


Nodame Cantabile~


because i just finished watching the Finale D;


i get so sad when it ends.

need more Chiaki X Nodame in life huhu

** one of the BEST ANIME EVER**

NERArashi <3 XD
07 April 2010 @ 03:55 am

Eeeek. 5x10 dvd release TODAY.

I wonder when is my copy going to reach my doorstep >.< Please dont be that long, i cant stand the wait


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