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nerarashi's wish, step and go

Boku no miteiru fukei <3

NERArashi <3 XD
31 July 1992
nerarashi’s wish, step & GO!

Welcome to hira_nera’s LJ :D Do call me Nera :) . I LOVE to make new friends, im the type who read everything in flist! So, addd me if you find we have common interest ^^ I’ll add you back asap

and! add me at http://www.youtube.com/kawaiineera

Arashi Arashi Arashi is my one true group <3 Nino, Sho, Ohchan, Aiba, Matsujun are my fav guys in the world.They make me happy every single day, and of course, most of my money goes to them XD .

and proudly, i succeed in converting my rl bff, esyarashi and faranejun into an arashian too XD <3 Now they are also extremely in love with them. Im so happy XD


Athrun Zala & Cagalli Yula Atha is my ultimate no1 OTP <3

Drawing is my passion as Art is in my blood.I love musics/songs, so so much. Born to cook and bake. Loves watching Japanese Dramas too ^^ Manga and Anime are a must-have in my life.I love shopping for bags, clothes and accessories because I love to dress up XD <3 Used to fan over Fahrenheit+SHE, but still like them. Adores Ikuta Toma since his Nakatsu days, Yamapi, Mizobata Junpei, Kame, Karina, Kitagawa Keiko, Inoue Mao, Nagasawa Masami and used to like Jin. I love when its raining the most because i like the warm+fuzzy+peaceful feelings i get :)

Creditsss <3

Layout credit: roserascal

the awesome arashi mood themes thanks to the awesome ~ dustysock and kimmyxfleur

and my awesome header is specially made by my awesome rl bff, whirlandshout XD <3

Toma icons at sidebar creditss to cherrybeam and windhimme

And would love to say THANKS so much to all the subbers, translator, simply all you girls who willing to share your files to fandom, man you girls are AWESOME, i really appreciate all your hardwork :D Thanks!!! Without you girls, theres noway i can obtain any infos of the boys =).
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